”Paleo” comes from the word paleolithic, also known as the stone age. Paleo is a wide term used to describe how it is believed that our forebears lived before the advent of agriculture. Although our forefathers’ lives were often short and brutal, they did not suffer from our modern day Western diseases. 

Modern day humans share the same DNA as paleolithic man. However, our lifestyles have changed radically: sugary and grainbased foods, processed vegetable fats, food additives, toxins in our environment, less sleep, sedentary lifestyles, constant stress and loneliness all contribute to our modern diseases. Diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and cancer are too common, but so are widely accepted ailments such as tummy upset, weight gain, acne and poor dental health. 

When we instead make conscious lifestyle choices based on our caveman legacy, we find that we can improve, heal and avoid developing many of our modern diseases and ailments. 

A good start is to choose foods that the human species has thrived on for millennia and hence is best suiteds for: vegetables, fish, meat, seafood, organ meats, eggs and natural fats, as well as nuts, seeds, berries, fruits and full fat dairy to a certain extent. In short – food that does not require a list of ingredients. 

In paleo, other lifestyle components are just as important. A good night’s sleep, lower stress levels, more natural light, daily slow and steady movement (barefoot is a bonus!) as well as the occasional more strenuous activity to get your heart racing are all key to being and staying healthy.