Are you looking to feel stronger and more energetic? Would you like to do something about your sugar cravings and bloated belly? Perhaps you suffer from a lifestyle related disease such as diabetes, acne, or IBS? Then our nutritional advice may be something for you

Book with Cecilia, licensed nutritionist and personal trainer from Paleo Institute, on +46-(0)76-3208474 or

Nutritional advice meetings take place at Breared Kannesten 650, 31397 Simlångsdalen or can be organised via video conferencing. Home visits can be arranged; travel is charged at cost.


Nutritional optimisation or trial session
A nutritional consultation is for those of you who have already embarked on your journey towards a healthier lifestyle but need tips to further optimise your health OR are a bit unsure of whether nutrional advice is right for you. During our consultation we will review your current lifestyle and health status, focusing on your specific areas of concern. You will receive practical advice on how you can start changing your diet completely, or fine-tune certain elements.
Price: 850 SEK for a 90 minute consultation. 


Learn how the food you eat affects your body, what you can do to avoid or alleviate many modern diseases and everyday ailments and how to make healthy choices in everyday life. PaulssonPaleo’s own recipe collection will help you create simple, yet tasty dishes to nourish your body. Your unique needs and goals dictate the pace and content of our sessions. 
Price: 4,000 SEK for one person, or 6,000 SEK for a couple/family, for 5 sessions of nutritional advice over 5-8 weeks. Your first session will be 1.5 hours and the remaining are 1 hour. We offer full support via telephone and email in-between. PaulssonPaleo’s recipe collection is part of the package, and includes everything you need to get started on your paleo journey. 


Do something different with your friends or colleagues! We hold lectures and workshops on various health-related subjects as well as whole retreats for different types of groups. Contact us for package solutions and price examples.