PaulssonPaleo was founded by Cecilia, Catharina and Simon. We live and work in beautiful Simlångsdalen, in Southern Sweden, where we offer courses and consultations in paleo food, functional training and yoga. We’re passionate about how food and exercise can make us and our customers feel great.

Our journey towards better health started with a low carb cookbook. We all thought that removing pasta, bread and sugar from our daily lives sounded a bit strange, but after a few tentative experiments in the kitchen, we were hooked. We felt so much better! Next, we started to change the way we exercised; our runs were combined with functional training and uphill sprints.

At that time we were all pursuing our careers in London. Long stressful days were the norm, but we managed to stay relatively healthy and strong, thanks to our new approach to food and exercise. However, our conscience was starting to make itself heard… Given how good these relatively simple lifestyle changes were making us feel, we wanted to start sharing them with the world!

So, we decided to pack our belongings and move to Sweden. Now we live in a family collective in Kannesten, a few rocky acres of land outside Halmstad in Southern Sweden. Here we grow our own produce, care for our animals and – last but not least – help our customers discover the advantages of the paleo lifestyle.

Have a peek at our blog, where we post pictures and write about our life in Kannesten.