About the farm


The tranquility of the forest
In a clearing just outside of Simlångsdalen in Sweden lies our smallholding, Kannesten. Although we are not more than 15km from the coastal city of Halmstad, our little hideaway feels very far away indeed. The forest is on our doorstep and provides us with hiking, running and cycling trails in abundance. Nearby we have several nature reserves with lakes, rivers and waterfalls. The “Danish Falls” are just a short walk away, for those who enjoy a bit of history with their wild swimming. The name “Danish Falls” is said to come from the last battle between Denmark and Sweden in Halland in 1676. The Danish troops fled across a bridge over the waterfalls. However, the bridge collapsed and sent many of them to their death in the waterfall.


The dream of self-suffiency
In Kannesten we are realising our dream of living a less stressful life close to nature. Our goal is to be as self-sufficient as possible on vegetables and meat. A large part of our days are spent outside tending to our vegetable garden and our animals. We now have a rather large flock of chickens, ten sheep and two pigs that contribute with eggs, meat and manure for our vegetable gardens. 

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