About paleo


Eat like a caveman
Paleolithic food – how humans are thought to have eaten before the advent of agriculture – is often simply called “paleo”. Modern paleo is about eating food on which our species has evolved over hundreds of millenia and is therefore best suited for: vegetables, fish, meat, seafood, organ meats, eggs, and natural fats, and to some extent nuts, seeds, berries, fruit and dairy. In essence – food that requires no table of contents!

Modern food = modern troubles
The way many of us eat today – food with an abundance of sugar, artificial fats and additives – contributes to many of our “modern” diseases. Diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer are sadly familiar to us all. But do not forget about those everyday ailments that most of us hardly even reflect on: IBS, obesity, acne, recurring colds, sleeping problems, poor dental health … the list goes on!

Back to basics!
A paleo-inspired way of eating, on the other hand, can alleviate or even cure some of the aforementioned diseases and ailments! Many testify of radical health benefits, while others feel more subtle changes such as more energy, better sleep and a more stable mood.

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