Personal training


Do you want to exercise, but find gyms uninspiring? Do you want to be strong and flexible, improve your posture? Do you prefer exercising outside in the fresh air? Then our personal training is for you.

PERSONAL TRAINING, from 3 hours and upwards

Start working out
Our personal training is for those who want to start exercising on a regular basis. We work outdoors with nature’s own challenges, improving your strength, posture and mobility.
Your programme is developed based on your current fitness levels and wellness goals, and will include exercises to do at home. We will be available between sessions if you have any questions or concerns.

The importance of nutrition
We will of course touch upon how food can enhance the effects of your training. If interested, we can integrate more detailed nutritional advice into the sessions, or you can select a complete package which combines nutritional advice and personal training, where the focus is as much on nutrition as on exercise.

Price: 850 SEK per hour. Packages start at three sessions, i.e. from 2,550 SEK and upwards. The first 30-minute consultation is free.

Location: The first session can either be at Kannesten (Breared Kannesten 650, 31038 Simlångsdalen), or if it is more convenient, at your home in Simlångsdalen or Halmstad. Thereafter, sessions will be outdoors in Simlångsdalen.

Contact: Please get in touch with Cecilia, licensed nutritionist and personal trainer from mfgruppen, on +46-(0)76-3208474 or